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Usher in the Oooosh! Thursday Bike Polo October 1st

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Thursday Polo is a go tonight at 7pm!

A photo from January 2014

A photo from January 2014

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Thursday POLO!!! – September 24th, 2015

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Thursday Polo is on tonight at 7pm!



Throw back Thursday photo from 2012.

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Lawrence Journal World Front Page On Sunday

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LOOK: Lawrence’s bike polo players passionate about the game

   If you don’t have the small fortune it requires to play polo but do have the urge to compete, then you’re in luck. But leave the horse tied up in the barn and don’t forget your bike if you want to play this sport of kings.


   Since 2009, members of the Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo club have been running their thoroughbreds, which often come in the form of free-wheel bicycles, in a hybrid version of one of the world’s oldest games popularized and played by the wealthy elite, then adapted by Seattle bike messengers in the late 1990s.

   The speed of bike polo, which is played three-on-three, can alternate from a slow, calculated passing game to a tenacious all-out sprint in a hurry...

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The Beginnings of Scary Larry KBP

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Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo began in October, 2009 with just four friends playing around on their commuters.  

Peter on the court!

Peter on the court!

Kyle on the drive!

Kyle on the drive!

Charley and Malakai on 'the dozens' again!

Charley and Malakai on ‘the dozens’ again!

Malakai Edison and Charley Berry were two of the organizers of the Lawrence chapter of Critical Mass and Color Crew fixed gear riding club.  They were contacted by CoMo Polo (Columbia, Missouri Bike Polo Club) after the Color Crew hosted The Scary Larry Alleycat race on Halloween, October 31st 2008. Re-Cyclery Bike Shop agreed to sponsor the new bike polo club.  Peter Lewis, Charley Berry, Malakai Edison, Chris Klee, Jimmy Footdown (Matthew Farnsworth), and Matt “The Harold” Brown participated in the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in CoMo the first weekend of November, 2009...

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what will we find on

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This is the hub for Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo updates.


You can find out:



– more images, videos, profiles, and storys telling the back story to the Scary Larry club

Is There Polo Today?

– weather forecasts, predicted attendance, that kind of thing

Upcoming Events

– info about Cookouts and GetDowns, club mettings, newbie nights, social rides, tournaments inside and outside of Lawrence, and community service projects

What’s New

– news, images, videos, updates of all kinds

Who Plays and Where?

– maps, images, videos, profiles, info, storys, all that good stuff…


There is also a contact form to get ahold of our club up in the top right corner and a link to our club charter.


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