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Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo (Scary Larry KBP or SLKBP) is a social club in Lawrence, KS dedicated to playing hardcourt bike polo and creating a community and culture around the sport. The primary purpose of the group is to  participate in and promote the playing of bike polo in Lawrence, KS. A secondary purpose for Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo is to better the community in Lawrence, KS.



Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo practices open acceptance, tolerance, and celebration towards any individuals or groups that want to play bike polo and/or want to become a member or members of Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo. New players can request or are asked to join Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo as an active card carrying member. Requirements for membership is to pay dues each month of the amount of $10, unless changed to a different amount by a majority of SLKBP members. Dues are due at the 1st of each month, paid to an account managed by the club treasurer.




  • We are a social club dedicated to playing hardcourt bike polo and creating a community and culture around the sport.
  • Scary Larry KBP will play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, unless otherwise stated.
  • Scary Larry KBP will hold a monthly planning meeting for club members to review club business, plan for hosting tournaments, plan for travel and playing in tournaments in other cities, review updates from NAH, pay dues, and any other SLKBP business.
  • Major issues will be decided by group consensus, a formal vote will be conducted if there is not an agreement. Each member of SLKBP has one vote, and no member has veto power over another member.
  • Members must be present to cast their vote or must have pre-cast their vote via group email.


Requirements of Participation and How to Join

No club member is required to participate in anything. However, a member must be current on their dues payment in order to be able to cast a vote at the planning meetings. To join, pay the $10 dues to the club account. Benefits of membership include being recognized as an active member of Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo, being a card carrying member, ability to vote on club issues, and access to a club discount on Fixcraft merchandise (per the discretion of Fixcraft).


Current Meeting Schedule

Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo meets weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at Edgewood Park in Lawrence, KS. Time for meeting is 7:30 pm until the lights go out, unless otherwise specified. The polo season runs from March to November.

A planning meeting will be held the first Monday of each month to review SLKBP business, unless planned otherwise.


Current Membership

Malakai Edison
Peter Lewis
Sean Ingram
Aaron Pando
Josh Hoffhines
Spencer Sward
Harold Fatzer
Crystal Hammerschmidt
Kira Monet
Jim David
Natalie Dread
Ryan Heath
Cory White


Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Malakai Edison Co-Founder, South Central Regional Representative, and North American Hardcourt (NAH) Board Member
Peter Lewis Co-Founder, Scary Larry KBP City Representative
Spencer Sward Scary Larry KBP Club Treasurer

There are three South Central Regional Representative positions and they are elected by the city representatives from the South Central region of The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo (League).

There is one NAH Board position for each region of the NAH and are elected by the 3 regional reps in each region.

The City Representative position and Treasurer are elected by the members of the clubs.

The three club representatives are merely liaisons of the club to outside entities, and are not meant to be leadership positions or imply more or less authority over the club than any other member. Each club member is given one vote in decision making.


Current Links



Related Groups

Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo is affiliated with Fixcraft, NAH, and various other hardcourt bike polo clubs in the region and across the country. Scary Larry KBP is located in and is a member of the South Central Region of the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo League.


Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo began in October, 2009 with just four friends playing around on their commuters.  Malakai Edison and Charley Berry were two of the organizers of the Lawrence chapter of Critical Mass and Color Crew fixed gear riding club.  They were contacted by CoMo Polo (Columbia, Missouri Bike Polo Club) after the Color Crew hosted The Scary Larry Alleycat race on Halloween, October 31st 2008. Re-Cyclery Bike Shop agreed to sponsor the new bike polo club.  Peter Lewis, Charley Berry, Malakai Edison, Chris Klee, Jimmy Footdown (Matthew Farnsworth), and Matt “The Harold” Brown participated in the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in CoMo the first weekend of November, 2009.  Midwest 7 ended up being the largest tournament in hardcourt bike polo history at that time.  Scary Larry KBP came back to Lawrence with great passion to get better and create one of the best clubs in the poloverse.  Scary Larry soon made a name for itself as The Purple of the game. Scary Larry held pickup Bike Polo Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm to 11pm and Sunday Afternoons at Veterans’ Park and The Riverfront Parking Garage in bad weather.  Sean Ingram of Blue Collar Industries began playing bike polo with Scary Larry and founded Fixcraft, offering to help support and sponsor the club.  With the support of Fixcraft and Re-Cyclery Bike Shop Scary Larry sent two teams to the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.  After North American’s Scary Larry was in full swing having turnouts of up to 30 players and spectators.  After a complaint by a citizen, Malakai was contacted by the Lawrence Parks and Recreation asking to meet to talk about the future of a court for Scary Larry.  Scary Larry had presented a proposal to the LPRD Advisory Board attempting to acquire an official place to meet and play bike polo, but were basically ignored.  Malakai, Spencer and Sean met with the LPR and were able to come to an agreement on renovating and renting the court at Edgewood Park. Scary Larry has gone on to hold friendlies and tournaments at the SLKBP Hardcourt at Edgewood Park and continues to upgrade the court.  

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