South Central Qualifier 2013 in Boulder, CO Results!!!

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So day 1 went pretty well for both teams!

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Make Our Ends Meet ( Kira Monet, Ryan Heath, and Robin Cunningham )

Seeded 7th

3 wins / 2 losses / 0 ties

goal differential of -7 with 8 goals scored


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WITCHCRAFT ( Spencer Sward, Malakai Edison, and Josh Hoffhines )

Seeded 8th

2 wins / 2 losses / 1 tie

goal differential of +3 with 14 goals scored



Day 2 was even better!


Make Our Ends Meet ( Kira Monet, Ryan Heath, and Robin Cunningham ) ties for 7th just shy of qualifying!


Scary Larry’s B team had an amazing day with great teamwork moving the ball up the court and hustling back to defend.  Ryan Heath was able to put away consistant strong shots, including a couple successful upper90 shots right over the goalies’ wheels.




Robin Cunningham brought some speed to the team and was able to really capitalize on the great give and goes and break aways that he was awarded. Robin was the only player to score 2 goals within 20 seconds in the tournament.







Kira Monet locked the goal up tight giving teams no choice but to up their shooting game to score against her 1 day old team.  Kira only came out of the goal a couple times, but successfully moved the ball up and away from her goal and quickly returned to her strength in the goal.


In the end, Make Our Ends Meet would not go out with out a fight and took their last couple games to overtime.  Their second to last game in the looser’s bracket was against the Glitter Chunks (a team comprised of a Denver player, John ‘Glitterpoop’ Denver, and 2 ex-Scary Larry players, Jimmy ‘Matthew’ Footdown Farnsworth and his wife Jacquelyn Farnsworth) who had beaten WITCHCRAFT in their first game of the bracket sending WITCHCRAFT to the looser’s bracket. Time ran out with the scores tied and Make Our Ends Meet prevailed in overtime.  They went on to play Trident, who had to make a player substitution due to one of their players damaging his mouth and teeth in an earlier game.  Make Our Ends Meet took it to overtime with a tied score and lost to a tough shot.  Had Make Our Ends Meet won their game against Trident they would have qualified to go and compete in The North American Championships in Minneapolis, but they victoriously tied for 7th placing Kira Monet tied for highest placing female.







WITCHCRAFT ( Spencer Sward, Malakai Edison, and Josh Hoffhines )


Scary Larry’s A team started the day out slowly, but really began to gain momentum as the day went on.  WITCHCRAFT was the children fan favorite, with kids chanting, “GO WITCHCRAFT, GO MALAKAI!”  WITCHCRAFT took an unfortunate loss to Glitter Chunks in overtime and were tasked with battling the rest of the day in the looser’s bracket.  Their next game against the 16th seed was a 5/0 blowout and put some confidence in the newly formed team.  Spencer Sward held down the goal for most of the day letting very little through and was able to successfully work it coast to coast, saving a goal, advancing the ball and scoring a goal.  Spencer may have only scored 2 goals throughout the weekend, but proved the worth of Scary Larry’s emphasis on defense working pretty seamlessly with his teammates to cover their goal. With endless amounts of blocked shots, Spencer kept his cool in goal and would not falter even on the hardest shots.








Malakai Edison helped to really keep the ball moving through passing and more experienced ball handling, allowing Josh Hoffhines and himself to score some needed goals.  Despite his frustration with some rust on his team, Malakai was able to serve the ball up to Josh’s speed.  Malakai and Josh had many central pass to cross-body one-timer ooooshes throughout the weekend.  The duo really turned it up in their game against Animal Crackers from North Texas.  Make Our Ends Meet had actually lost to the Animal Crackers earlier in the day, puting them into the looser’s bracket.  Malakai put his friend and game time advisory, Dylan Holt into the bords with a comedic fervor.  After some mid-court passes and a slight breakaway, Malakai put a long shot away through Dylan’s triangle solidifying WITCHCRAFT’s confidence.






Josh had a rough start with multiple wipeouts in the dusty corner and overall loss of control on the wet slippery court, but as the court dried out Josh really found himself and was able to step up as WITCHCRAFT’s predominant scorer. Josh went as far as scoring 4 out of 5 goals in their game against Diablos de Texas.  DDT started the game out with a strong score pretty quickly in the game, but Josh quickly answered.  DDT came back and scored again putting the score at 2 to 1, Texas in the lead.  Malakai and Josh attempted to do some work, but their shots were blocked, so the two moved to defense at all costs, letting DDT bring the ball to them.  Josh got a great steal and was able to score on break away, tying it up.  Josh made another quick steal and turned it on the over committed DDT scoring again.  With the score at 3 to 2 Larry leading, WITCHCRAFT locked up the doors and Malakai was able to get tear the ball away from Texas and send a long pass to Josh, who scored again for his first tournament HAT TRICK!!!  The Witch was soaring at this point and Josh was able to get a pass over to Malakai who took a huge close to half court shot that scored finishing the game at 5 to 2!  WITCHCRAFT had proven themselves and really lived up to that Scary Larry tradition.  WITCHCRAFT would go on to the finals to play Mucho Take It Easy their friends and fam from Texas.




WITCHCRAFT tried their best, but really couldn’t get anything to materialize and lost 5-0 to Mucho Take It Easy.  Finishing 4th, WITCHCRAFT has qualified to compete in the 2013 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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